The Internet has a significant impact on today’s society. It is felt from almost everything we do from ordering food to booking our important events. Due to the rapid changes it did to us, many tasks used offline can now be made on the internet and, therefore, coined as Online Job. One sort of work that grabbed my pursuits is Online Tutoring or teaching ESL( English as a Second Language).

The Beginning

I remember seeing advertisements such as Teach Online and Earn up to Php60k/month. If you are living in the Philippines, that amount is fascinating. So, that sparked my curiosity.

Pictures of my previous work as a mentor flashed back in my own mind. To me personally, it is a very satisfying job. It’s but one of the things that I enjoy doing. It always makes me feel happy when I see my students succeed in a test that we ready for, particularly if they express admiration.

Henceforth, I started to search for Companies looking for ESL Tutors. And I found a long list of ESL Companies. However, here are the top 10 high-paying companies you may want to apply with.

Top 10 High Paying ESL Company

  1. Amazing Talker
  2. DidiTutor
  3. Cambly
  4. Palfish
  5. Nova Kid
  6. Ziktalk
  7. Panda ABC
  8. Bunny English Group/ ChiPan
  9. iTutor Group
  10. Teach2ya

Benefits of Teaching Online

1. You can teach more students.

Tutoring online has comparable advantages with other online jobs. You’re able to change quickly from 1 student to another, even when they are miles apart; it’s even feasible to teach two students at precisely the exact moment. You might tolerate working for extended hours anyway; you’re at the comfort of your own home.

2. You have more freedom

You don’t need to wake up early in the morning—no dress’ code. On top of that, you are your own boss. Some ESL companies do not require lesson plans nor submit test results. Some offer free talk, meaning you need to have a conversation with the students.

3. It is convenient.

You don’t need to travel to teach, which mostly takes your time. You’re able to take regular mini-breaks that you needed to function. Teaching can be accomplished through messengers. Short quizzes can be transmitted via e-mails. Certain tools such as virtual blackboards are readily available. Cameras may be used as educational video design instruction.

4. You get to socialize with people around the globe.

Online Tutoring/ teaching ESL is not only for kids. There are lots of professionals whom you will meet. Having this kind of job will let you meet different types of people around the globe. If you are the type of person who loves to mingle, this job is for you.

5. Students are more eager and disciplined.

What I enjoy most about online tutorials is that, students here are more concerted and eager to understand because they’re the individuals who came and hired you in the first place.

Requirements to Teach ESL

  1. Have a bachelor degree
  2. Have certification to teach English. (TEFL, TESOL, etc.)
  3. Professional Teacher License is an advantage.
  4. Has excellent English Language Skills ( Writing, Oral, Listening, and Reading)

Steps to Become an ESL Teacher

Each company has different processes for you to become an ESL Teacher. But definitely, here are the basics of becoming one.

  1. Choose a company you want to apply to.
  2. Apply and submit the needed requirement the company needs.
  3. Oral Interview
  4. Mock Lesson/ Demo
  5. Training
  6. Start to Tutor


Interested individuals can apply for places in certain businesses offering online tutorship; however, if you would want to tutor without applying to any organizations, set up your site where you can educate.

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