10 Life Lessons Disney Encanto Taught Us

Life lessons from disney Encanto
Life Lesson from Disney Encanto

Disney once again released an inspiring movie called “Encanto” that touches many people. It’s an animated movie that tells the tale of an extraordinary family, The Madrigals. It was not only because of the songs that made it magical but also because of the lessons we got from this. Because of this, it hits millions of views on Youtube. Here are the 10 lessons I got from the movie.

1. Pressures are often put on by ourselves

Surface Pressure from the movie sung by Luisa is not only a lively song that will make you dance, especially when you hear the drip, drip, drip, but it also shows how Luisa is putting pressure on herself. This reminds us of how we put pressure on our life. We tend to carry all the burdens to ourselves- pushing things that are sometimes way more challenging to handle. Occasionally, our ego feeds us that we need to do things their way to be accepted. We thought that if we would not comply or do what was expected of us, we would be worthless.

But hey!


If you know yourself well enough, you wouldn’t care what other people have to say. You are worth it.

2. Even in our darkest moment, there’s light where you least expect it. Miracles come after darkness

Many things happened to the Madrigal family -the village being conquered, Pedro being killed, Bruno running away, and their home is destroyed. The movie reminds us that there is still hope even on our worst days. Miracles happen.

Like our lives, we question God about the things that come to us. But sometimes, it’s the way God shows us how to appreciate life and be grateful for small blessings along the way. Often, we are so focused on what is wrong that we forget to enjoy the beauty of life, or we are so concentrated on the pot of gold that we fail to see the beauty of the rainbow.


Sometimes, you need to experience the worst before it gets better. Sometimes, you need to reach rock bottom before you fly.

3. Live at the Present

The song, “We don’t talk about Bruno” is about Bruno’s vision for each family member. It only taught us that thinking about the future often gives us anxiety. And thinking about the past gives us depression.

Many of us have experienced Bruno’s in our lives. These are the small voices in our heads. The what-ifs, what’s going to happen if, and I should have done this.

If you always listen to the noise inside your head, you won’t find peace of mind.

4. Never be Sorry for being You.

Isabela’s song reflects that we should never be sorry for being ourselves. It’s okay to be imperfect, and we don’t need to be someone we are not. If you keep trying to hide what you want and who you are, you will never find true happiness.


You can only do things well if it’s coming from a place of truth. And by being authentic to yourself, will one find genuine happiness.

5. Stop looking for other people’s approval

This scene shows us how Mirabel happily wanted to do something that she thought might make Abuela happy. But instead, she even got disappointed with what she heard from her.

Similar to our life, we want other people to be happy. We want society to be proud of us. But if you keep looking and chasing other people’s approval. You will always be disappointed because we will never be enough to people who never see our worth. Whatever we do, or whatever effort we make, things would be the same.


You have nothing to prove.

6. Allow yourself to be vulnerable with others.

Vulnerability means showing our weakness- opening ourselves to others. We can see from the movie how other family members tried to hide their emotions. This is probably because of the pressure, ego, or fear of how others will react or see them.

Almost all of us are scared to show our weaknesses in real life. Sometimes, we pretend to be strong in front of others. And terrified to let them know our feelings. We sometimes think that if we open ourselves to them, they will use it against us. Little did we know that vulnerability brings us closer to people. As a result, they would easily understand us.

Your feelings matter. Don’t hesitate to reach out.

7. Sometimes, perfection stands in the way of growth.

Society’s standard often pushes us to be someone we are not. We tend to be afraid to do something. We fear what other people may say and we just don’t want to fail. Many people nowadays would post perfect relationships and perfect life on social media. However, the truth is they have a miserable life. And because of what society expects from us, being perfect. It prevents us from doing something great for ourselves. Do what you have to do.


You won’t achieve greatness if you haven’t failed many times.

8. Fear cripples and pulls us away from what is essential

In the movie, Abuela was worried that they might lose the magic, the candle’s glow, the superpower that family members possess. She was so focused on her fear that she forgot that the true magic was family.

The more we fear, the more we drag ourselves into that situation. Sometimes, all we need to do is let go and let things happen on their own.

9. You don’t need to have the superpower to be able to help

We know that Mirabel did not get any extraordinary power that her other family members initially got. But this did not hinder her from helping and saving her family. Same in real life, others feel that they can’t help other people because they are poor or don’t have special skills. Ask yourself, what can you bring to the table? You can help in many ways.

Do not allow people to dictate what you can or can’t do.

10. People who love us will always love us no matter what

There were a lot of different scenes where love was shown. However, one of my favorites was when Mirabel saw Bruno fixing the crack. It was also heartbreaking to see the plate that Bruno drew to feel that he is with his family every meal.

With or without special abilities, no matter what you do, near or far, people who love you will always love you. Because true love never fades. family will always be a family.

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